Dr. Jordan E. Miller is a community organizer, interdisciplinary teacher, and scholar who specializes in religion, social movements, and resistance studies. He has a Ph.D. in the interdisciplinary humanities from Salve Regina University in Rhode Island where he won the first “Distinguished Dissertation” award given to any doctoral student in the history of the university and an M.A. in philosophy of religion from Boston University. He is the co-chair of the Seminar on God and the Human Future and a Think Tank Analyst at The Westar Institute.

JordanMiller bike newport headshot fall 2019 bw cropped

Dr. Miller was the Coordinator of Religious and Spiritual Life at Wheaton College (MA) where he also has taught in the religion department and women’s and gender studies program. He has been Stonehill Fellow in Religious Studies at Stonehill College (MA), has taught in the undergraduate religious and theological studies department and the graduate department of humanities at Salve Regina University (RI), and has also taught in the philosophy, religion, and American studies departments at Lebanon Valley College (PA). He has extensive experience in operations management in both for- and non-profit settings.

Dr. Miller has taught a wide variety of courses across religion, theology, philosophy, and American studies. Most recently, he has taught courses on radical queer thought and activism, #BlackLivesMatter, Islam and politics, mysticism and spirituality, utopianism, Buddhism, and radical environmental activism. Both his work and teaching are interdisciplinary and intersect with religion, philosophy, and social movements.

Dr. Miller is the author of Resisting Theology, Furious Hope: Secular Political Theology and Social Movements (Palgrave MacMillan, 2019) which includes chapters on The AIDS Coalition to Unleash Power (ACT UP), Occupy Wall Street, and #BlackLivesMatter. He is the co-editor with Christopher D. Rodkey of The Palgrave Handbook of Radical Theology (Palgrave MacMillan: 2018); a reference volume with contributions from more than 50 scholars.

 You may contact him at miller.jordan.e@gmail.com

 You may visit Dr. Miller’s Westar Institute profile here:
 Westar Institute Fellow (God and the Human Future) profile

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